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Hockey WAG Hilary Rhoda Gets Supplemental in W Magazine [PICS]


Hey, did you catch Victoria’s Secret model Hilary Rhoda in the latest issue of W? Yeah, we almost missed out, too, thanks to W hiding away her hot fashion shoot in the supplement part of the latest issue. That would be the part of the magazine that featured an interview with Sofia Coppola, who we’re very grateful to for giving us Emma Watson acting all saucy in The Bling Ring, but isn’t exactly on our list of hot cover girls.

But that’ll teach us not to read articles, since we almost missed out on Hilary Rhoda–who we’re always happy to ogle, and we’re not even afraid of her former NHL star fiancé Sean Avery, who’s such a badass that there’s even a bad sportsmanship regulation in the league that’s known as the Avery Rule.

Also, there was that time that Sean Avery got fined because of a vulgar comment that he made about other NHL players dating his old girlfriends like Elisha Cuthbert and Rachel Hunter. Yeah, that guy’s a real dick. Also, Avery had the nerve to retire from hockey and move into a fabulous advertising career that includes him working as a male model. But at least we can take some comfort that the model in the pic below doesn’t look like Avery–although it sure looks like Hilary is giving the ladies who read W magazine a look at a sexy fantasy right out of Lady Chatterly’s Lover

Anyway, you’ll have to go out and pick up a copy of W magazine to see all of Hilary’s hotness, and we also like the feature on how the gals of South Korea like to wear their makeup. Not that we were taking notes or anything. We do, however, always take note of Hilary, and you’ll notice below that she can look just as classy while modeling lingerie….

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