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Dianna Agron: 42 Pics As The Former “GLEE” Girl Turns 28 [PHOTOS]


We know one Glee cast member who’s having a better birthday than Naya Rivera. In fact, Dianna Agron is turning 28 years old today–that being April 30, 2014–without even having to worry about the troubles and turmoil on the Glee set. This ambitious blonde was smart enough to start writing herself out of Glee this year. It was no great loss to the Glee storylines, either, since the show could never really figure out what to do with Dianna Agron’s fine work as a surprisingly complex high-school cheerleaders.

It was a big loss for guys, though. Dianna was easily one of Glee‘s more traditional beauties, despite the actress turning out to be a very untraditional starlet. She sure managed to make her initial mark in quality television. Dianna first caught our eye on Veronica Mars before heading over to Heroes, and then landing on Glee to be part of a big cultural movement that sure sold a lot of crappy music.

Dianna Agron,  however, has used all this fame to keep indulging herself as an artist. Her own You, Me & Charlie site website lets the clever gal indulge her passion for design, and she’s also been able to  associate with a smarter kind of pop courtesy of The Killers. We still wish that Dianna wouldn’t be so into quoting her own deep thoughts. That really interferes with our notion of her as a fantasy girlfriend. She still has enough of a burgeoning big-screen career to indulge that ego, and these pics indulge us enough to see through her shortcomings. Besides, she’s a very young 28…

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