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David Spade Talks About Chris Farley, “Joe Dirt 2” in His Reddit AMA


david spade

David Spade has a new Comedy Central stand-up special premiering this Sunday called My Fake Problems–and to help promote it, he did a special AMA on Reddit that revealed a bunch of interesting stuff about his time at Saturday Night Live and a possible sequel to one of his most notorious movies.

He kicked off his very candid and open interview with a very funny story about his former partner in comedy Chris Farley who he famously teamed up with in movies such as Tommy Boy and Black Sheep before Farley’s passing in 1998. Of course, he probably has enough Farley stories to fill up an entire AMA but he told the crowd his favorite.

Me, Him [Farley] and Adam Sandler were walking to dinner, during SNL, and this cute girl was getting in a cab, and we commented how pretty she was, so Chris ran over and climbed in the cab with her, and said “hey, you goin’ downtown? Let’s share a cab!” and she started yelling at him and kicking him. And he finally came back, and we said “Chris, if they don’t know who you are, you are just a crazy fat guy trying to climb in a cab with them.”

And then we all laughed, it was very funny to us. He would do stuff like that for us every day to make us laugh.

He also shared an interesting tidbit about one of Tommy Boy’s most memorable jokes in which Farley puts on Spade’s jacket and dances around singing “Fat guy in a little coat.” It came from their days together at SNL in which they both shared an office and Farley would get bored while Spade was trying to write his sketches for the show. Apparently, he did the “Fat guy in a little coat” bit so often that he would have to trick Spade to look at him and scream “Don’t you give up on it!” When they started working together on Tommy Boy, they added the bit while they were filming their scene together…

Spade also teased the crowd with the possibility of a sequel to his cult comedy Joe Dirt. He said he’s written a sequel but they are having problems getting the budget down to a reasonable number somewhere around $3 million. The interesting part is that it might be released online through the media hub “because they want to be the first web address to do a sequel to a movie.” It also sounds like an easy way to get the movie out there because “Sony owns them and it’s a Sony movie.”

Also, don’t go up to David Spade if you’re a woman and you’re his celebrity freebie, because he’s been known to say no to that kind of thing–based on some kind of weird notion that David Spade has a choice in the matter. That really doesn’t sound like lots of male celebrities that we know.

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