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“All Cheerleaders Die” Is “The Craft” With, Um, Cheerleaders [VIDEO]


The new trailer for All Cheerleaders Die is out, and–well, remember the impact that The Craft had on guys back in 1996 with Neve Campbell and her fellow (alleged) teens walking around all witchy in their schoolgirl outfits? You probably caught it on cable, but we’re surprised that movie isn’t still topping the box office. Anyway, All Cheerleaders Die is kind of the same idea, except this time it’s dead cheerleaders who’ve been reincarnated into witchy undead babes.

We know that the idea probably seems more like something inspired by Cody Diablo’s Jennifer’s Body than The Craft. In fact, All Cheerleaders Die is really cult director Lucky McKee revisiting the same movie that he made way back in 2001. That was before McKee became a big horror deal with his disturbing indie film May. This new take is really smart, and also sets up a great potential Cheerleaders franchise if enough people check it out on June 13th.

The movie also has Caitlin Stasey in a lead role, and she’s daring as always. Caitlin is turning 24 years old tomorrow, and we’re sure that she’d consider it a great present if you check out this trailer and go see All Cheerleaders Die when it opens in theaters (and maybe VOD) on June 13th. Then you can go see 22 Jump Street–but that one doesn’t have sexy undead witchy cheerleaders.

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