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Rihanna Topless For Vogue: New Shots & Behind-The-Scene Pics [PHOTO]


Rihanna has never been particularly shy, but the pop diva really comes through for her fans in the new issue of Vogue Brazil–where she doesn’t let her job modeling clothes interfere from her getting plenty naked. In fact, it looks like Rihanna is really out out to model turbans and eye makeup and handbras. Which, coincidentally enough, are exactly the kind of things that we like our soulful sirens to wear around the house. Anything else just seems like overkill.

Rihanna has also been very busy helping the Brazilian branch of Vogue push the new issue, as she’s offering up plentiful pics of the photo shoot via her Instagram account. There are plenty of pics, too, since Rihanna was modeling for the mag’s 39th Anniversary issue, so she had to flaunt her bod enough to come up with two different Vogue covers for the newsstands.

Of course, these pics are particularly important to us because we checked out some great behind-the-scenes shots that revealed exactly how modest a lady like Rihanna has to be while baring her breasts for a photo shoot. Thankfully, the answer is that Rihanna doesn’t have to be really modest–although you will get an idea of just how many pasties she prefers to put on while lounging between shots.

In fact, we had to slightly censor some of the shots below to keep them SFW. So check out Rihanna’s officially great work for Vogue Brazil–but we think you’ll also be really happy with how Rihanna looked while making the magazine look so good. And if you need even more Rihanna, then check out plentiful of other sexy pics, plus this look at Rihanna at her highest

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