Oregon State Dance Squad Tryouts: It’ll Be A Good Year At OSU [PICS]

Oregon State University has just announced the 2014-2015 OSU Cheerleaders and Dancers, and it’s going to be really good year for any guy following the OSU teams from the sidelines. We’re also sure that the men of the OSU Stunters are a very attractive crowd, too, but we somehow forgot to include any of them in the pics below. Sorry about that. Instead, all we have to offer are some great pics from the OSU tryouts–via the always reliable College Cheerleader Heaven.

The main thing that we can learn here is that it must be very difficult to choose the final candidates for the Oregon State University’s  Cheerleaders and Dance Squads. We would still welcome the opportunity to try–especially since we’re longtime supporters of these fine ladies–and their calendars. Enjoy the pics and see if you can get an idea of which of these beauties made the cut. Then follow the link to see if You Could Be A College Cheerleader Judge. We’d sure watch a reality show with that title–assuming we couldn’t bribe our way on the panel…

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