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Naya Rivera Tossed From “Glee,” Still Cool With Us [PHOTOS]



The rumors say that Naya Rivera has been pretty much ditched from the cast of Glee–which, considering that show’s declining fortunes, is right up there with being left behind at the dock by the Titanic. It still can’t be too much fun for Naya to find herself (reportedly) written right out of the show. We certainly always want to see more of Santana Lopez. Especially during those heady days when Santana went to NYC and hooked up with Demi Lovato.

It would also be nice if Glee had a catfight between Santana Lopez and Rachel Berry. Instead, we’re hearing that Naya is out of Glee over a real-life conflict between the former Rolling Stone cover girl and Glee star Lea Michele. Naya was supposed to be jealous of Lea, and Lea jealous of Naya, and we just think they could’ve worked everything out if the show’s producers had brought in another lesbian storyline.

But nobody ever listens to the words of wise peacemakers like ourselves. That’s why the world is such a horrible place. Naya can’t be feeling too great about things, either, since this Glee dismissal comes right on the peppy heels of Naya breaking off her engagement with rapper Big Sean earlier this month. Not that Big Sean was doing much for Naya’s music career. We’re still big fans of Naya, though, and these pics will give you plenty of reasons to ponder why Naya and Lea just couldn’t work things out. Preferably with that lesbian storyline. Maybe it’s not too late for a lesbian storyline…

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