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Matt Damon Might Play Aquaman in the “Justice League” Movie


damon and aquaman

National Superhero Day was kind of a fizzle yesterday (outside of COED’s celebration), but at least the important holiday was celebrated with a fun rumor. Comic book fans have been clamoring for a movie that celebrates DC Comics’ Justice League, and director Zack Snyder is now officially in charge of the project–and he may have found his Aquaman¬†in¬†Matt Damon.

The Wrap reported that one-half of the long Good Will Hunting bromance may be playing the King of Atlantis in Snyder’s big screen remake of the Justice League saga. That means he’ll be returning to the big screen with his bestest friend ever Ben Affleck who has already been cast alongside Henry Cavill for the Batman vs. Superman movie when both don the superhero suits again for the Justice League film. That still leaves a couple of heroes for the casting department to fill with the gorgeous Gal Gadot as our new Wonder Woman and Cyborg, The Flash and Green Lantern yet to be cast. Ryan Reynolds, of course, played Hal Jordan/Green Lantern in the horrid standalone movie but thanks to its dubious status, he may not get to wear the green suit that still reeks from his presence.

That means we’re bound to be bombarded with all sorts of additional rumors about famous people being signed up to the play remaining members of the Justice League. It happens all the time on the Internet with comic book movies. For instance, there’s already a bizarre rumor circling the web that Keanu Reeves may don a pair of scaled Speedos to play Namor the Submariner as the villain for Iron Man 4–and we’re not even done with releasing of Guardians of the Galaxy or principal filming on the next Avengers movie.

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