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L.A. Clippers Fallout: Calls For Fan Boycotts and All-Black League


We’re waiting to see what the National Basketball Association has to say in today’s announcement about L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling–who you might have heard is involved in a big racist scandal involving sex bomb V. Stiviano. Other people aren’t waiting for the NBA’s statement before making their own. That includes Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson, who’s currently heading into Game 5 of a playoff series with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Jackson has asked fans to boycott Game 5 today–which is kind of punishing the players. Fans should be behind their team, no matter what. The time for a boycott can be expressed later, whether it’s  getting rid of season tickets or not buying team merchandise if Sterling is still around. The players deserve the fans to be in the Staples Arena for this pivotal game.

Meanwhile, New York Knicks executive Larry Johnson thinks it’s time for black players to have their own league. It’s an interesting view to take, but the intent may be not what Johnson would want in the end.

Johnson’s views were expressed via Twitter: “Black people your Focusing on the wrong thing. We should be focusing on having our own. Own team own League! To For Self!” That sounds more like Johnson wants to bring back the days of the Negro League in baseball.  The NBA will likely announce swift action on Sterling sooner than later, and Johnson’s comments will be basically null and void because everyone will be happy again. The guy’s heart is in the right place–and if there are more owners out there like Sterling, then Johnson really could see his dream of a new league come true.

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