Asia "Godzilla" Trailer Reveals Plenty of Big Surprises [VIDEO]

Get ready for plenty of SPOILERS in this new Godzilla trailer for the Asian market–which fulfills even more of a promise than we’d hoped for from earlier trailers. We’ve been following Godzilla closely as one of our Most Anticipated Movies of 2014, of course, and we picked up early on that there had to be two monsters running around the movie. Now we have the promise of even more than one monster battle–meaning that there seems to be one additional flying monster in the movie, or maybe that the Cloverfield-style monster we saw earlier can fly, and there’s more than one of them.
We’re not giving this too much thought, since we already know more than we wanted to know before seeing the movie. It would still be morally wrong not to post this latest trailer for some fun geekery, and we did mention spoilers, right? So we’ll understand if you have to check this out. We sure did.

Craig Ferguson is Leaving "The Late Late Show" [VIDEO]
Craig Ferguson is Leaving "The Late Late Show" [VIDEO]
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