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Stitches Is The Most Extreeeme White Rapper Ever [VIDEO]


Check out the craziest song and video we’ve seen in a long time. Who is it? An insane 18 year old white rapper from Miami named “Stiches” with a little ditty called, “Brick In Yo Face.”

Throughout the video, Stiches–who looks more like he’s 35 than 18–raps about how much “he loves selling blow.” Just looking at this guy is pretty terrifying. He’s got AK-47’s tatooed on his face and he looks like a mix of The Joker and a Juggalo. The video has gone super viral on World Star Hip Hop and we’re guessing that this guy will be popular for the sheer riduclousness of everything about him.

Talented? No. Hilarious and way over the top? Yes. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, Stiches–but watch out for the cops now that they know how much coke you pride yourself on selling…

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