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Seline Von Ness Uses Her GoPro For The Betterment of Man [VIDEOS]


What fun would social media be without gals like Seline Von Ness, who looks at something like Youtube and asks, “How can I use this technology to improve the lives of men?” Then she looks at a GoPro and asks, “How can I use this technology to really, really improve the lives of men?” And then she makes two videos (so far) that showcase her built bod as she does regular-gal things like going for a jog and playing with her GameBoy.

We’re thinking that Seline Von Ness is really on to something here–and we like the look of both her Youtube channel and…um, Seline herself, who certainly seems to enjoy rocking her Geeky Girl vibe. We’re pretty set to keep geeking out over whatever Seline does next. The above clip is her GameBoy footage, of course, and what a fine job she does playing that thing. The clip below is Seline enjoying a healthy jog, and good for her. Now we’re just hoping that she’ll stumble across some 3D technology next…

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