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LA Clippers’ Donald Sterling’s Racist Statements: The Roundup [VIDEO]


The sports world was rocked over the weekend by the release of some audio (via TMZ) that has Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling making racist comments. That was bad timing, since it was just a couple of days before Sterling was supposed to receive an honor from the NAACP. That event got yanked real quick. What’s happened since? For starters, the Los Angeles Clippers team made their own  statement on Sunday before Game 4 of their series with the Golden State Warriors. They wore their warm-up shirts inside out to protest what Sterling said. Magic Johnson offered his opinion that Sterling shouldn’t be allowed to own a team in the NBA. And this guy named Barack Obama also took the time to express his own disgust for Mr. Sterling.

Michael Jordan is also pissed off about the whole thing, and Warrior fans had some fun trolling the Clippers’ troubled owner–especially about his complaints about his (African-American!) girlfriend bringing black people to Clippers games…


Sterling’s wife also took the time to condemn her husband’s “racist comments,” so good for her–and her attorney, who’s probably thinking that there’s a great divorce case brewing here. And for the ultimate humiliation, the Village People (or what’s left of them) officially said (via Twitter) that Sterling isn’t worthy of having their song “YMCA” play at Clippers games.

With all of that happening–and if the audio is truly Sterling–then the guy really needs to be out of the league as an owner. Nobody in that position can be making complaints about anyone “bringing black people” to his team’s games. This is a moment that Sterling would love to have go away (as TMZ updates to remind us), but he’s really on the doorstep of leaving the league now.

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