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L.A. Clippers Scandal Girl V. Stiviano Busts Out On Instagram [PHOTOS]


Her rich alleged boyfriend Donald Sterling just became a public racist, with the owner of the L.A. Clippers caught on tape complaining about black people attending his NBA games.The bright side is that V. Stiviano’s gone public with her Instagram account. Now you can take a look at the bod that just helped to bring down an owner at the NBA. We’re also thinking that we’ll soon be learning a lot more about V. Stiviano in the media. She sure seems ready to get famous. And rich, too, although Donald Sterling’s wife has something to say about that. [UPDATE: Vanessa Stiviano now wants us all to know that it’s purely speculation that she’s the girlfriend of Donald Sterling, okay?]

For now, all we know is that V. Stiviano has a rich 80-year-old alleged boyfriend who gets upset when his exotic alleged girlfriend is seen with African-American males at L.A. Clippers games. That whole thing has been kind of baffling, and especially with the controversy getting an embarrassed NAACP to cancel a planned awards ceremony for Sterling. V. Stiviano doesn’t seem embarrassed, though. She’s in the midst of the kind of controversy that usually gets people closing their social media accounts. V. Stiviano has decided to suddenly take her Instagram account public. She’s become very popular, too, with plenty of new followers.

Not all of those followers have kind things to say, though. It seems that a lot of people consider V. Stiviano to be a real opportunist (to put it politely). They’re not shy about sharing that opinion in the comments, either. A lot of people think that V. leaked the audio herself as a response to that lawsuit filed against her. We’re not interested in that speculation. We are, however, very interested in seeing what kind of gal is allegedly worth all that trouble to an aging billionaire . Who, incidentally, marked his 80th birthday just as the scandal exploded, but we’re still not feeling sorry for him. Especially after checking out these pics of V., who may not be our idea of a good girlfriend, but can sure take a nice snapshot…..

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