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Entire First Episode Of Showtime’s “Penny Dreadful” Right Here [VIDEO]


Showtime Penny Dreadful First Episode Youtube

Don’t have Showtime, but really want to watch the cable network’s awesome new show? No problem. Starting today, you can stream the first episode of the highly-anticipated Penny Dreadful right on YouTube, via this actual link right here. The actual premiere of the show is on May 11th, of course, but patience is totally overrated as a virtue.

Of course, the idea is that you’ll get hooked after just one episode, and will then be dying to get a Showtime subscription. Or you can always just use someone’s Showtime Anytime password if you like what you see. We’re pretty damn excited for the creepy show, and it’s definitely the first thing we’ve seen Josh Hartnett in for a long, long time. However, what are we really excited about, though? Seeing Eva Green, obviously–who isn’t exactly decked out in sexy clothes here, but it’s enough that we know what Eva Green looks like in sexy outfits. And if you don’t know, then check out some of our favorite GIFs of Eva to help you get excited over Penny Dreadful

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