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Brooklyn Decker Gets Naked With Friends for “Funny or Die” [VIDEO]



The words “naked” and “Brooklyn Decker” must be among the most searched words on the Internet and today they produced a very different but interesting result. The actress and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model appeared in an “exclusive” video for Funny or Die.

It doesn’t feature her frolicking on a beach with some of her other famous and equally hot friends like she does in your head just before you fall asleep or when you’re at work and not working. It’s just a simple video of her enjoying some downtime in her apartment with a couple of her girlfriends as they unwind in front of the TV after a long, hard day. We promise that nudity is involved and it’s hilarious.

So you’re probably a little mad at us because it’s not exactly the kind of nudity you were expecting when you saw the words “naked” and “Brooklyn Decker.” In our defense, it’s still a hilarious bit of video put together by the always hilarious Funny or Die. So it’s not like we completely wasted your time unlike some porn trolling websites that promise naked pictures of famous hot people and deliver photos of heads pasted on fake bodies–that friends have told us about in the past. You’re also more than welcome to rewrite her little skit in your head later tonight just before you drift off to sleep again. We suggest adding an intense pillow fight followed by a “make-up” session that involves a lot of heavy breathing and oil massages. And checking out this Brooklyn Decker gallery…

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