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“Ass Man” 100% Won Indiana University’s Little 500 [VIDEO + PHOTOS]


This past weekend was Indiana University‘s Little 500, which is an early candidate for one of the “20 Most Legendary College Parties of 2014.”

The whole week revolves around an actual bike race called the “Little 500,” that probably only about 10 percent of the student population goes to. The week is really about partying as hard as you can from 10 AM Monday morning until Sunday afternoon, when you decide you should probably take at least a week off from ever drinking again…

Every student at IU is partying, but the yellow jersey should absolutely be awarded to some guy known on campus as “Ass Man.” We don’t know where or why he’s earned the moniker but homeboy absolutely knows how to do a slip ‘n’ slide.

When hundereds of people are chanting your name, you know you’ve made it. Keep on doing you, Ass Man. Keep on doing you.

This happened at an IU party called “Trail of Beers,” which is actually a d*mn good name for a party. Sure, it references historical ethnic cleansing and physical relocation of our nation’s original inhabitants but I think the title is quite catchy. College parties have really never been PC.

Let’s see some more scenes from one of the craziest college weeks ever…the legendary, the always amazing Little 500.

Little 500 (1)

Jello wrestling / KY Jelly wrestling / Koolaid wrestling (?) never gets old.

Little 500 (2)

Someone definitely dumped a beer on this dudes head while he was sleeping.

Little 500 (3)

Merica? Merica.

Little 500 (4)

Other people besides college students live in Bloomington. Check out this donk.

Little 500 (5)

This guy is probably a tool but you gotta respect the pour.

Little 500 (6)

Homeless people getting down at IU.

Little 500 (7)

Twerking is everywhere.

Little 500 (8)

American flag clothing on sorority chicks is about as Free as it gets.


Who’s got the hose? WHO’S GOT THE HOSE?

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