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70 Super-Sexy Girls In Superhero Undies For Superhero Day [PICS]



National Superhero Day sure doesn’t get the attention that you’d expect nowadays. The holiday has a Facebook page and a Krispy Kreme promotion, and even a feel-good angle where you can use Superhero Day to celebrate local guys like the mailman–but we’re still not seeing a lot of enthusiasm for the big day. Which, you know, is today, April 28th, and that’s why we wore our favorite superhero suit, and now everybody’s looking at us like we’re some kind of freak.

We can’t even get a decent Twitter out of Marvel Studios or the account for Amazing Spider-Man 2. Yeah, it looks like the sprit of National Superhero Day just doesn’t seem to be celebrated anymore. We still have something to lift your Spandex spirits, thanks to our collecting pics of other people who care enough about wearing superhero suits.

And, no, we don’t mean the COED staff, although red lycra certainly does a lot to show off our training regimen. We’re talking about hot babes in the underwear that’s fun to wear–by which we mean superhero undies that turn these ladies into sexy superheroines. In fact, we’re talking 70 sexy superheroines who really capture the spirit of Superhero Day–so sit back and let these ladies show off some┬áhot poses that’ll save the day and get you flying…

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