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Watch 5 John Oliver Clips Before ‘Last Week Tonight’ Premiere [VIDEOS]


John Oliver’s new show Last Week Tonight will premiere this evening on HBO at 11 p.m. ET/PT. For years, Oliver has been one of the funniest correspondents The Daily Show has ever had. Although we’re going to miss being able to see him a few nights a week, we’re incredibly excited for his new show. To kill time before it airs, we thought we would look back on some of John Oliver’s best moments from his time at The Daily Show.

John Oliver made a three-part segment on gun control laws following the failed passing of watered down gun control legislation in the U.S. Australia passed gun control legislation following a mass shooting in 1996. Oliver went down under to find out if those laws had any measurable effects on gun violence.

Although Australia managed to pass gun control legislation, there were still many innocent victims who lost their political careers. Former politician Rob Borbidge was the premier of Queensland, Australia’s most conservative state. He voted for the legislation and was not re-elected by his constituents. He now must live every day knowing that he is a failure.

In the final segment, Oliver desperately searches for any kind of parallels between the U.S. and Australia. There seem to be very few, particularly how quickly the two governments can debate, pass and implement legislation.

With the 2016 election only two years away, Oliver should have plenty of time to make fun of Chris Matthew’s “pervy” descriptions of Hillary Clinton’s appearance. If Matthews was this excited in 2012, imagine how excited he’ll be in 2016.

To round it out, here is a Best Of clip from Oliver’s time with The Daily Show. We’ll miss him, but we can’t wait for tonight.

COED Writer