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Olivia Munn Says She Will Always Stop To Give An Autograph [PHOTOS]


Olivia Munn is on the cover of the May issue of Allure magazine. In the interview she gave with the magazine, Munn said that she thinks “it’s strange when people don’t sign autographs for people…Fans are just people who are helping you make your dreams come true.” We’re guessing that many of you are not big readers of Allure but are big fans of Munn, so we thought we would share that info if you ever feel nervous about asking for an autograph. But remember, don’t be a creepy weirdo about it.

In other Munn news, she recently said in an interview that she had to fight to make sure her Newsroom character Sloan Sabbith wasn’t covered up in turtle necks. Olivia said, “What I really love to do for a role is make the woman unapologetic for who she is…They wanted to put me in a turtleneck, and I said no.” Since Munn has personally had to deal with critics not taking her seriously because of her looks, she knows what she’s talking about.

COED Writer