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Bree Condon on “Revenge” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


Bree Condon on Revenge

(10:00 PM EST, ABC)

So it’s not easy for any kind of network television to compete with the hot babes (and dedicated followings) of Game of Thrones and Mad Men and Californication. Fortunately, that only inspires the casting directors of long-running dramas that have to lure eyeballs away from cable–with Revenge scoring tonight with an appearance by Bree Condon, who really has what it takes get guys breezing on over to the high-society soap opera.

Of course, a lot of those guys won’t be thinking of Bree Condon as an actress. She’s really best known as a Guess? Jeans model. That doesn’t take away from some smart work on the small screen. Bree really began working regular as an actress back in 2009, where she caught our attention with a turn on the Christina Applegate sitcom Samantha Who? Then she was hard to miss on The Vampire Diaries and a nice turn (as “Bree”) on the very short-lived ABC show My Generation. 

Bree Condon also got to get medieval in the 2011 big-screen historical drama Ironclad, where she looked hot enough to provide some competition for star Kate Mara. Now we’re at the point where Bree Condon can start expecting for people to spell her name correctly (although, to be fair, she has done a few things with the billing of “Bree Conden”).  Our biggest complaint now is that Bree has kind of put modeling on the back burner, when we’re thinking that she’s got the skills to manage both of those jobs. Check out these pics to see why the world can’t afford to be missing out on Bree’s bold posing…

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