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Brittany Binger: Our Favorite Other Woman In “The Other Woman” [PICS]


The Other Woman is doing big business at the box-office this weekend, which is all the more reason to check out our 10 Things That Guys Need To Know before seeing the film. And we know that guys are attending for Kate Upton and maybe Cameron Diaz–but there’s another open secret about the movie that we learned while The Other Woman was filming here in NYC. Word quickly spread that the movie was meant to be populated with gorgeous gals throughout the story.

Not in every role, of course, but director Nick Cassavetes wanted to create a world where bars and restaurants were packed full of hot babes who were competing for men. That sure got us curious to check out the background scenery. That brings us to the 11th Thing That Guys Need To Know About The Other Woman: Brittany Binger is there to brighten up the movie.

Brittany Binger really stands out while bringing some intimidating glamour to The Other Woman, too. It isn’t easy to miss Playboy‘s Miss June 2007. We sure haven’t had many chances to see her on the big screen, though. Brittany  has mainly been working steadily as a model. You can see why she’s so popular, too.

Fortunately, Brittany is BBFs with Kendra Wilkinson, so we also got to have her in our living rooms with her regular role on the Kendra reality show. We won’t pretend that you get to see a lot of Brittany Binger on the big screen in The Other Woman, but it still made us feeling pretty good about checking out a feminist revenge comedy. You’ll also feed pretty good about checking out these pics of Brittany Binger’s body of work…

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