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Marijuana Vending Machines Are Happening, Man [VIDEO]


Colorado and Washington are seeing a boom in business now that recreational marijuana use is legal–and companies all over the state are looking to score some green from the selling of all that green. For instance, a company in Colorado has done something that would have sounded like a completely insane idea just a couple of years ago. The staff of Tranzbyte created a marijuana vending machine–and the world has changed enough for CEO Stephen Shearin to go on the Fox Business Channel to explain how the machines work

The world’s first marijuana vending machine is called ZaZZZ, and works just like a normal vending machine–except that it dispenses sweet, sweet weed instead of soda or snack that you usually scarf down after smoking or eating the stuff. Of course, not just anyone can walk up and use the machine . There are legal age restrictions for marijuana purchases, you know.

Customers have to scan in a photo ID before they make their purchase, and the ZaZZZ machines aren’t just sitting out in the open for anyone to use. They’ll only be available in marijuana dispensaries. Yeah, the kind of places where security guards are required to check customers’ IDs before entering the establishment.

Naturally, Shearin’s breakthrough in marijuana delivery won the week, and quickly gained a lot of traction in the daily news cycles and on the Internet. It’s an interesting milestone. Just imagine the mark of progress this innovation has made in the recreation marijuana movement. Thanks to his efforts, we might one day have marijuana delivery that promises to get you baked in 30 minutes or less.

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