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Irina Shayk Lingerie Shoot: Behind The Scenes (& Behind Bushes) [PICS]


Irina Shayk has been so busy lately that we’ve joked about someone needing to be on Irina Shayk Patrol–and it looks like someone took us seriously. That’s how we’ve ended up with these very discreet shots from a recent Irina Shayk photo shoot in Positano, Italy. We’re not sure where Positano is, but we’re positive that our intrepid photographer in the shadows has caught Irina from some amazing angles that you probably won’t see during the actual finished photography.

Unless, of course, this is some kind of high-concept fashion shoot in which Irina Shayk is being photographed from the bushes, in which case we know certain creepers who deserve several photography awards. Not that we endorse that kind of thing. The really important thing here is that Irina keeps giving the public more of what they want–and this continues her epic run from helping to launch the Sochi Olympics to launching Hooters in Russia to launching a few festive fantasies with her pose early this week as an erotic Easter Bunny.

So enjoy these intimate Italian pics, and rest assured that we’ll be properly pushing the actual photographs when they appear. We’re already sold on this lingerie, and consider this to be the start of a terrific teaser campaign….

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