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“Friday the 13th” is Being Turned Into a TV Series (Again)


jason voorhees

Serial killer Jason Voorhees has gone through more horny slutbags than a coked-up Charlie Sheen. That’s why they are bringing him to television.

Deadline reports that Crystal Lake Entertainment, the oh-so-appropriate name of the production companies that owns the TV rights to the Friday the 13th franchise, wants to produce an hour-long dramatic series about the adventures of Jason Voorhees and his bloody machete. There’s isn’t much information in the way of how such a series might work but they’ve brought on two screenwriters who worked on The Terminator and Avatar to craft a script that puts the masked murdered in (we kid you not) different time periods. If they somehow work a time traveling De Lorean or a magic time jumping phone booth into the plot that piloted by George Carlin, we’ll s#*$ ourselves.

So that’s really all we have in terms of plot. Is it just going to be a time-jumping murderer, or a touching backstory like Bates Motel, or will a plucky group of wily teenagers actually try to fight the bad boy until they are picked off one by one? We’re not saying that a Jason Voorhees TV show can’t work. It’s just hard to see how original they can make it besides just trying to turn one of the most iconic and overused horror movie fixtures into a TV show under the same circumstances. It’s a shame that TV doesn’t have a strong show with a badass anti-hero at the helm like Breaking Bad or The Shield, because we’d at least have some hope of a crossover episode in which Walter White or Vic Mackey stumble upon the bastard and have to fight him ala Freddy vs. Jason.

And don’t forget that this isn’t the first time that Friday the 13th has been a television series–although the production company with a hold on the title skipped Jason last time, and instead tried a show about an antique shop full of cursed items. It looked like this…

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