Celebrate Hug-An-Australian Day With 27 Awesome (And Huggable) Aussies

April 26th is coming up as Hug An Australian Day–which is a lot more legit than you might expect. In fact, this important holiday seems to be a real worldwide event. There’s no National Hug An Australian Day. It seems that April 26th is the day that everyone around the planet is all set to be just start randomly grabbing everybody from Australia and give them a great big hug for the continent’s very important contributions to the world.

As it turns out, pretty much all of our favorite Australian contributions to the world are Australians that we’d like to hug. And by “hug,” we mean things that we probably shouldn’t go into detail about right here, even if it does screw up a good tired joke. We’re sure that awesome Aussies like Holly ValanceAbbie Cornish, Kylie MinogueElle MacPherson, Isla Fisher, and Miranda Kerr would just love to hear us go into great detail. Sadly, they seem to be spending time in Australia whenever we show up at their American residences with flowers in hand.

The good news is that all of those lovely ladies–and plenty more–are gathered right here in a veritable orgy of Australian pride. So forget Australia’s sad start as a penal colony, and just celebrate the incredible imports that the Great Southern Land has given us over the years. We still like the thought of imagining all of these gals in a women’s prison, but that’s probably just us…

These GIFs are Booty-Ful [26 GIFs]
These GIFs are Booty-Ful [26 GIFs]
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