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Andrea Osvart: 37 Pics For the Hot Hungarian’s 35th Birthday [PHOTOS]


Who’s the hottest Hungarian around? A lot of guys will tell you that it’s Andrea Osvárt–who they discovered last year when she shook up their inseams in the disaster movie Aftershock. Selena Gomez got most of the attention for her small cameo, but the males in the audience were rightfully raving about Andrea Osvárt as the new biggest name in the cast. Which kind of came as a shock to us, since we’ll admit having kind of forgotten about Andrea since she first made it into American multiplexes in the Robert Redford/Brad Pitt thriller Spy Games.

That was way back in 2001, but Andrea still got some attention. Spy Games was one of the earlier acting roles for one of the world’s hottest international models. A lot of folks will be surprised that Andrea’s turning 35 years old today–that being April 24, 2014. She sure looked like a Spring Breaker in Aftershock. We weren’t surprised, but won’t pretend we’d been paying attention. In our defense, Andrea had mostly spent the past decade making movies in her adopted home of Italy, where she’s certainly become a box-office draw.

Andrea’s also been staying busy lately in Transporter: The Series. That show hasn’t exactly taken off, but guys should tune in for the breasts-baring outfits that Andrea keeps sporting as the small-screen Frank Martin’s resident computer expert. Sadly, Andrea is already back to concentrating on making hits for the Italian cinema. She’s currently bringing in fans to Un matrimonio da favola–which we’re pretty sure translates into A Fairy Tale Wedding. Now check out some amazing pics that’ll get you dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding night…

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