Katheryn Winnick On "Vikings" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Katheryn Winnick on Vikings

(10:00 PM EST, The History Channel)

Everybody got all excited here at COED over the Hot Babes of Game of Thrones, but your humble See Her Tonight column saying, “Hey, what about Vikings and Katheryn Winnick?” Yeah, fans of Vikings have to speak up a lot to promote the show–even if it does star Katheryn Winnick, who amazingly isn’t a movie star despite a pretty stunning resemblance to Scarlett Johansson.
Actually, that might be working against Katheryn. There’s nothing generic about this gal’s looks, but we think Hollywood might be afraid of giving the nation a heart attack with two stacked nubiles cavorting on the big screen. Katheryn is sure kept plenty dirty on Vikings as a warrior woman. We mean that she’s covered in dirt–although her character does get to clean herself occasionally for a romp with another guy on a pile of animal skins.
We won’t say that we’ve built up an immunity to Katheryn Winnick, but we were sure early fans of the actress. We first spotted her in the offbeat thriller Satan’s Little Helper. We mainly checked out the 204 film as another fine production from underseen horror director Jeff Lieberman, but Katheryn sure stood out as the movie’s resident hot teen. She made it to the multiplexes that same year with a small part in 50 First Dates, but really broke out with a 2007 guest role on House M.D. That landed her a lead role alongside Ashton Kutcher in the 2010 action/comedy Killers, which underperformed enough to get her back on the small screen.
We still loved her lesbianic turn in Love & Other Drugs (and the 2006 indie Kiss Me Again), but Katheryn seems more at home playing a tough gal–like with her hot turn on an episode of Nikita. Vikings is building up its own following now, and these pics will give you an idea of why we think Katheryn still has a chance to ride into some big-screen glory…

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