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Katherine Webb Turns 25 As College Football’s Most Legendary WAG [PICS]


Katherine Webb turns 25 years old today–that being April 24th, 2014–and we guess things are going pretty well for her. She’s certainly reaching the quarter-century mark with a lot more celebrity than most Miss USA contestants from Alabama. That’s been the case ever since the 2013 BCS National Championship Game telecast, when Brent Musburger took some time out from announcing the game to ogle the girlfriend of University of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron. That was back when Katherine Webb had a Twitter account of 2,000 followers. She had over 175,000 fans by the next morning.

Donald Trump, of course, is the head honcho over at Miss USA, and he didn’t waste any time offering Katherine a chance to judge that year’s competition. She signed on to a celebrity-diving reality show called Splash and became the Super Bowl correspondent for Inside Edition. Sports Illustrated even called up with an offer for her to show up in that year’s Swimsuit Issue.

Which would’ve all been great if things had gone on in true fairy-tale fashion with Katherine Webb dumping A.J. McCarron and discovering true love with an underpaid COED staffer. There were plenty of rumors suggesting that at least half of that dream would come true. Sadly, Katherine Webb only went on to get engaged to her aspiring NFL hero of a future husband. She’s spending her birthday planning her wedding while we spend the day planning to stake out the local Starbucks dumpster for our lunch. Life is fair–but at least the very moral Miss Webb has given us a fair amount of hot pics to provide some comfort for her fans on her own big day…

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