Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Is Starting To Look Good [VIDEO + PICS]

Like many guys, we’ve been kind of baffled by Valeria Lukyanova in her quest to become a Human Barbie. She’s certainly been presented in the media as kind of a freak, and we don’t like the idea of encouraging gals with eating disorders or body issues or whatever it takes for a lady to decide that she’s going to turn herself into a real-life version of a popular Mattel toy.
But this new video that Valeria Lukyanova just posted has her looking pretty great. Maybe it’s her bid to get cast in the lead role of the upcoming big-screen Barbie movie. Not that Valeria would ever get the job. There’s already going to be plenty of feminist outrage with the idea of a feature film based on a toy that many ladies consider to be a bad role model. And we’re not saying that we’d want to live in a world full of Barbies. We’re just saying that Valeria is sure looking healthy and even kind of normal in this new video. And she’s been taking some pretty good pics lately, too…

You can see more of those in the gallery below. We sure wouldn’t mind if Valeria didn’t take some time to eat a couple of cheeseburgers, but she sure isn’t looking so freakish that we wouldn’t consider being the guy taking her out for a healthy meal. Check out the gallery below for yourself, and see if maybe it isn’t time to reconsider Valeria as a proper sex symbol. She’s at least looking good enough to appeal to guys who aren’t Barbie fetishists. We’re assuming that those eyes have already caught the eyes of anime fetishists…

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