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Catalina Otalvaro Stays Cool In Maia Lingerie [PHOTOS]


We’ve told you that Catalina Otalvaro should be on your radar, and we made sure that you got to see her running away to a very sexy circus, and we’ve even adored her as an awesome ambassador for her native Colombia–but here’s Catalina Otalvaro like we’ve never seen her before. Yes, the amazing lingerie model has gone to Arctic extremes for the fine Maia Lingerie line. Well, we think it’s the Arctic. This could be the North Pole, or the South Pole, or the Antarctic, which could all be one and the same. Frankly, we don’t know enough about the world’s most geographically extreme continents to make a solid judgment on this one.

We can, however, speak with some authority in saying that  Catalina Otalvaro is one extreme beauty. We think that even the most dedicated dog lover in the world won’t be distracted by Catalina’s animal pals who brave this freezing terrain. Besides, those dogs have fur, and we’re thinking more about how a guy would have to rely on Catalina’s naturally hot bod to survive this kind of perilous landscape.

Yeah, we’re thinking a lot about that. We’re also thinking that Maia Lingerie really knows how to sell men on their fine products. And if you’re wondering how poor Catalina managed to avoid getting frostbite on that very valuable bod–well, you can check out some behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot. Sadly, the quality isn’t nearly as sharp as the resolution in these fine frosty photos…

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