The 50 Most Popular English Glamour Models On The Web: 2014 Edition

There’s a whole lot to love about English glamour models, if you get our drift. That’s why we take whatever opportunity we can to post on names like Kelly Brook, Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones, Lucy Collett (maybe my favorite), etc.

But the unfortunate truth is that we don’t have the time or energy to expend on all the lovely ladies who live across The Pond–there are just too many of them. But today is St. George’s Day and our local Englishman/graphic-designer Jack has asked that in order to properly celebrate this occasion we take an updated look at the 50 Most Popular English Glamour Models of 2014. For “reference” here’s last year’s post.

Especially after such a sad year when two of their biggest supporters (Front Magazine and Nuts Magazine) have announced that they’ll be shutting their doors, it’s only fair that we give back to some of our favorite hard-working women. We’re certain that these models are going to be just fine finding shoots and calendars, but the fact of the matter is that now more than ever they’ll be relying on their social media to connect with fans. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and added their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts so that you can go ahead and give them a follow. Thank us later.

But enough words, let’s get to the point. Here are the 50 most popular english glamour models on the web (according to Google):

Margot Robbie In A Bikini Catches World's Luckiest Fish [PICS + GIFS]
Margot Robbie In A Bikini Catches World's Luckiest Fish [PICS + GIFS]
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