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Marisa Miller Is Back For A Good Cause And Great Pics [59 PHOTOS]


Where has Marisa Miller been lately? We don’t have to tell you anything without our lawyers present. The important thing right now is that the legendary Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model is back after keeping a low profile over the past few months. We’re not sure why, but we’re hoping that Marisa wasn’t all bummed out over how she made her film debut in last summer’s R.I.P.D. Yes, it was one of 2013’s biggest bombs, but we thought it was a pretty fun film–and it had Marisa Miller in 3D, so we’re kind of surprised that movie isn’t still playing the multiplexes.

Marisa Miller might’ve also gone M.I.A. over her current MILF status–but that’s okay, because we finally have her back to endorse Glissin Spa products–which is selling some organic skincare products that are “inspired by [Marisa’s] vision for an all natural organic solution to achieve sunless beauty.” That sounds good to us. We’ve been needing some skincare products that thrive under the red lights of seedy bars and the sickly blue glow of a television screen. 

Marisa Miller, however, seems to be enjoying life out on the beach. That’s cool. We think that Marisa has done some of her best work on beaches. She wants to watch out for other women, though, which is why her Glissin Spa work is associated with fundraising for the American Cancer Society and Melanoma Foundation.

You can get inspired over those foundations via some fine video at the Glissin Spa website. Check her out there, but we think you might first get distracted by the following set of Marisa Miller demonstrating her skills at going topless and making her own handbras. There wasn’t anything like this in R.I.P.D.–so, yeah, now we know why that isn’t still in theaters…

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