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Katy Perry Loses To A Fan On Questions About Herself [VIDEO]


“Would you take a bullet for Katy Perry?” If you answered yes to this, then you must be a true superfan of the star. Or an insane person, or maybe both. Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live, we recently got to watch such a superfan in action. Even better, the Katy-crazed gal by the name of Emily went up against an undercover Katy Perry in a Katy Perry Trivia Bout.

Perry went into the whole thing with a fair amount of confidence, of course. Kimmel asked the pop star how well she knew Katy Perry–to which Perry replied, “Very well, I’m ready to play me.” Check out the video, with highlights including Perry admitting that she’s a single girl at the moment. Emily the Superfan said that she had a Perry-themed wall that she had to take down because of her boyfriend. “At least you have a boyfriend,” Perry dourly notes.

The topics covered include the name of Katy’s parents, people that Katy has written songs for, and how many fragrances the singer has. And we’ll go ahead and get SPOILERish by noting that Katy Perry loses the trivia competition–but she’s very winning as a good sport. Now catch up on Katy yourself by studing some of our favorite pics of the pop diva (and her best assets) right here..


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