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Jessica Lowndes Keeps Beautifying Instagram [33 Pics]


Jessica Lowndes i

90210 was cancelled, but Canadian cutie Jessica Lowndes hasn’t been in a hurry to leave Los Angeles. In fact, this latest Instagram pic might be one of the most L.A.-stylee Instagram pics that we’ve ever seen. It’s just your usual candid picture of Jessica enjoying (as her Instagram account puts it) “another sunny day in LA.” Except we’re pretty sure that this is your average carefree candid that’s had some Photoshopping.

Yeah. We hate to say it, but we think Jessica had some professional help with this pic–which is the kind of thing we expect from BeyoncĂ©, but not so much from Jessica Lowndes. We’re glad she’s getting some rest, though. Jessica’s actually been pretty busy since 90210 went off the air. She’ll be appearing with Bruce Willis and John Cusack in The Prince, and we’ll check her out in Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant, and Jessica even seems to have the lead role in the upcoming thriller Eden.

So we’re pretty sure that Jessica is still looking pretty great even without Photoshop. This is kind of baffling. Is it possible that Heather Graham was telling the truth when she recently announced that Hollywood is kind of sexist? Well, we’re totally offended that Jessica Lowndes has to do things like Photoshop her own candid pics–and now we’re going to very carefully examine her other hot Instagram pics to make sure we haven’t been fooled in the past. We’re pretty sure lots of guys will join us in this crusade, too….

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