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Cameron Diaz on “The Tonight Show” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Cameron Diaz on The Tonight Show

(11:30 PM EST, NBC)

The small-screen version of Bad Teacher debuts tomorrow night, but now your See Her Tonight column has a case of big-screen envy that we don’t get to write up certain movie stars. Fortunately, we can cheat that through the miracle of talk shows–like when original Bad Teacher star Cameron Diaz shows up on The Tonight Show to plug the upcoming The Other Woman. Which we think should really just be called Kate Upton In A Bikini On The Big Screen, although there’s still a great case to be made for Cameron Diaz as a sex symbol.

In fact, Cameron Diaz needs little introduction here. She launched into stardom by holding her own against Jim Carrey in 1994’s The Mask, and then made a lot of hip indie films to prove that she’s a real actress. Cameron then got back to movie stardom by stealing My Best Friend’s Wedding away from Julia Roberts in a supporting role. That was quickly followed by a daring turn in There’s Something About Mary, which proved that tasteless comedies could launch major film careers.

But first, Cameron went back to her smart move of making smarter indie movies, including (the underrated) Very Bad Things and (the justifiably acclaimed) Being John Malkovich. That wrapped up the ’90s, and Cameron established herself as a star for the next century with Charlie’s Angels. That film was way better than anyone could have expected. We’re embargoed on giving you any opinions about The Other Woman until Friday, but that’s okay. Here are some pics that’ll convince you that Cameron’s the only woman to be tuning in tonight–and then check out how good Cameron looks lately in a bikini

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Amazing “See Her Tonight” Gals!

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