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Avril Lavigne Jumps On Miley’s Train With “Hello Kitty” [PICS + VIDEO]


Miley Cyrus is sick and Gwen Stefani just had a baby, so this is clearly Avril Lavigne’s time to shine–and the new “Hello Kitty” video has us pretty happy about that. Yes, we know there’s a lot to hate about Avril Lavigne. We expect that a lot of writers will instantly hate this video just for reminding them that they used to be fans of Avril as the Suicide Girl Next Door. That was back when she was punk enough to say that she’d never really heard of the Sex Pistols. She was always a tween pop star–but give Avril some credit for creating a real cultural shift with the “Girlfriend” video. It was really ballsy for Avril to embrace her role as a popular girl stealing men away from dour alt-culture Brown Bettys.

The important thing about “Hello Kitty” is that Avril is really getting serious about going back to being a goofy pop star. This sure wasn’t her idea. Avril Lavigne tried to get all grown up with 2012’s Goodbye Lullaby–which mainly taught her that her original audience had already outgrown her. P!nk had the same problem. “Hello Kitty” is a welcome second chance for a self-titled album that came out in November. The record just couldn’t get much attention with Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz sucking all the air out of the room.

It was an underrated return by a 29-year-old Avril (who, we’ll admit, is still unfortunately married to Chad from Nickelback). “Hello Kitty” is still a good example of how Avril Lavigne was better than anyone could’ve expected. She sounds a lot like our beloved Fefe Dobson. (It’s okay with us if you stop reading long enough to check out Fefe Dobson.) Of course, Avril’s big riffage on “Hello Kitty” sure sounds familiar. She’s never been particularly original, but at least Avril’s being derivative of things we like. She’s kind of been the same way as a sex symbol–so check out the video, but then enjoy plenty of pics that also might convince you to give Avril another shot at stardom…

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