A Low Down And Dirty History of Elon's Festivus [VIDEO]


Every year since 2005, thousands of Elon University students have been descending on a massive patch of grass-turned-mud for their annual spring fling known as “Festivus.” You’ve probably heard about it from friends or family, but the fact of the matter is that it’s unlike any other college party in the country.

Yes, Festivus involves kegs, lot of delicious BBQ, beer slides, and even more mud, but the real defining characteristic of the epic slosh-fest is that it manages to stay true to its Seinfeld roots. “Festivus for the rest of us” isn’t just a slogan, it’s a reality. Everyone from the student body is welcome to eat good food and get covered in mud. Taking it even a step further, the whole thing is actually crowdfunded by the student body.

Ten years ago, Andrew Iszard and some unaffiliated bros wanted to create an event that everyone would be welcome at and the result was Festivus. We only have a few photos footage from what previous years have looked like (gallery at the bottom), but we’re anticipating that the 10th Anniversary is going to blow that out of the water.

We’ll be heading down for this year’s Festivus and we couldn’t be more psyched. Stay tuned for more coverage as the date approaches.


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