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Bettie Page: 66 Chicks Paying Tribute In Pics


There are a few days that should rank as Hipster National Holidays, and we’d be pretty unhappy with a lot of them. We’re still ready to celebrate April 22nd as the birthday of the legendary pin-up gal Betty Page. This buxom brunette wasn’t just legendary, though. She’s also been a huge influence on ladies over the past few decades. You’ve seen aspiring Bettie Pages at rock shows and strip clubs and nowadays even in your local Starbucks.

Which is fine with us, since the original Bettie Page (who proudly posed under her own name back in the early ’50s) looked like this…

Bettie Page cultivated that look, too. The college graduate did her own hair and makeup for the nudie pin-ups that made her a star. She was also fearless enough to become a pioneering fetish model for photographer Irving Klaw. Bettie looked great packing her curves into a corset while alternating between being a stern domme or a bound victim. She was also a natural at catfight scenes.

Bettie eventually made it to the pages of Playboy, and then abruptly retired after a New Year’s Eve conversion to Christianity. She finally reemerged in the ’90s to enjoy how the Bettie Page look had become a huge part of alt-culture. She found a management company to control licensing of her image, and an official biography was published in 1996. Gretchen Mol even starred in the 2005 biopic The Notorious Bettie Page.

Bettie never allowed her face to be filmed during her comeback. She wanted the beauty of Bettie Page remain timeless–and we’re happy to report that disciples like Katy Perry have done a lot to keep her classic looks intact. Bettie passed away in 2009, but we can still celebrate her life with these 66 sexy fans who are keeping the fetish fantasy alive…

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