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Amber Heard’s 60 Sexiest Birthday GIFs


Amber Heard GIF

It’s the 28th birthday of Amber Heard–that being Our Day of Our Good Lord! April 22nd, 2014–and we’re celebrating in style. Well, we’re mostly celebrating because we saw Amber Heard on the streets of Manhattan last week, and we thought she was with Andy Dick, but then we looked closer and realized it was actually a gal, so we’re thinking that Amber’s engagement to Johnny Depp isn’t keeping her from having sex with other women. That was pretty much our birthday wish for Amber Heard.

Of course, we were big fans of Amber Heard before she came out as bisexual. A lot of guys discovered her in 2004’s Friday Night Lights, but Amber stayed busy after that in indies–with some memorable turns in films like Drop Dead Sexy and Alpha Dog. There was also the heavily-hyped slasher film All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, which became legendary after being shelved for several years. Amber finally scored another high-profile role as a doomed sexy neighbor in Zombieland, and she ended up on television in (the bafflingly short-lived) The Playboy Club in 2011. That was the same year that she made The Rum Diary with Johnny Depp.

Amber’s recent romance with Depp has made her a big name, of course, but she’s also done some great recent work in films of varying quality–including Machete Kills, 3 Days to Kill, and some movies that don’t have killing. Amber’s also almost given us a heart attack with lots of sexy pics and amazing film scenes. That’s sure something to celebrate on Amber’s big days, so we’re gifting you with some amazing Amber Heard GIFs–including plenty of amazing new images to celebrate this poetry in motion…

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