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20 Best Gifs In Honor of Iggy Azalea’s New Album [GALLERY]



As much as we wanted to love Iggy Azalea’s The New Classic, we were thoroughly disappointed. The album, which dropped today, is all over the place starting with the extremely weak opener, “Walk The line,” with a hook that sounds like it’s straight out of an early 2000s wanna-be Aaliyah song. From there, it doesn’t get much better.

There are a few standouts on the album but it’s all stuff we’ve been listening to for the last couple months. Awesome songs like “Work” and “Fancy” don’t even sound like they should be on this album. All that said-we do respect Iggy for her hustle. Hell, Beyonce handpicked her to go on tour. She doesn’t do that for just anyone. Maybe Iggy just cursed herself by naming the album, “The New Classic”…

At the end of the day, there is one thing we can all agree on-Iggy is really, really hot. So perhaps the best thing to do is just check out these 20 gifs of her and don’t worry about the disappointing album…we’ve got you covered.

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