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“Godzilla” Trailer Turned Movie Into “Titanic” This Weekend [VIDEO]


Godzilla Trailer

See that shot of the titular monster in the new Godzilla? Yeah, that’s just about the coolest part of the trailer that was released for this past weekend. It’s still hard to figure out the Godzilla-to-cityscape ratio, but this reveal at the endĀ gives us our best look at the legend, and suggests that a few of the earlier poster imagery was serious hype about the big lizard’s size. So that’s cool.

What’s less cool is that we’re now close enough to the Godzilla release date for the marketing department to start reaching out to the ladies. Yes, this Godzilla is now being pitched as the tale of a family. That would be tragic Bryant Cranston and his soldier son Aaron Taylor-Johnson and daughter-in-law Elizabeth Olsen who all get entangled Independence Day-style in the monstrous mayhem. We were hoping for maybe 2 hours straight of Godzilla stomping on people. Instead, we’re reminded the movie also features a tender love story.

Oh, well. There’s a tradition to the family angle here, too, so just enjoy the new trailer and the best look yet at Godzilla looking (thankfully) like Godzilla….

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