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FSU-Themed Cover of Lorde’s “Royals” Is Suspiciously Bad [VIDEO]


If you’ve ever wanted to watch a large man sing off-key and off-beat while singing lines like, “The UF Gators swag is weak” –then you are in luck. A die-hard FSU fan decided to sing over the beat of Lorde’s “Royals” while performing new lyrics about his alma mater. This is in response to the other godawful parody that UF fans released last week.

The idea of the song works, but it’s just the actual production that makes this video hilarious. Our favorite part is when whoever’s off camera chimes in with a monotone echo on certain lyrics throughout the song. We’re also willing to condier that this University of Florida fan who’s doing some epic trolling to make Florida State University look (and sound) really awful. In any case, it looks like the feud between Florida State University and University of Florida rages on for another year…

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