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Asian Cheerleaders Just Convinced Us We Love Classical Music [VIDEO]


So you’re in Belgium and in charge of bringing people in to a classical music festival. How do you convince people that classical music is an uplifting experience? Well, the marketing geniuses at the B-Classic Festival decided to promote their event through another universal language. By which we mean sexy Asian dancers shaking their amazing bods to the sensual strains of Dvorák’s “Symphony No. 9.”

But wait, there’s more–since we lured you in with talk of Asian cheerleaders, but these dancing gals really showcase their Dvorák through an exciting catalogue of places. You’ll see them gyrating amongst beautiful settings like temples, aquariums, cityscapes, and other backgrounds that we’ll get around to eventually noticing. For now, we can promise you that this really will be the most effortless three minutes that you’ve ever spent listening to classical music. Which kinds of gives away the punchline of this video, but we don’t think you’ll mind.

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