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Agam Darshi on “Bates Motel” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Agam Darshi on Bates Motel

(10:00 PM EST, A&E)

We’re very happy at See Her Tonight to report that Bates Motel is still dwelling on the murder of sexy schoolteacher Miss Watson–which we’re hoping might mean more illicit video of Keegan Connor Tracy appearing on the show. We’re even happier to report that the cops on the case include new Bates Motel cast member Agam Darshi. That’s a weird new twist on the show’s casting, since we doubt that many small California towns have deputies that are quite so exotically beautiful.

We’re willing to hit the road to find out, though. For now, we’re happy to have Agam Darshi as another exciting reason to visit Bates Motel. She was born in England, but was lucky enough to have her family move to Canada when she was in her teens. Being an exotic gal in the Great White North made Agam Darshi a favorite of producers who’d headed over the border to shoot genre series. You’ve heard that story before, with Agam enjoying the usual career path of roles in shows likes Tru Calling and Supernatural–plus a turn in Final Destination 3, which also features gals like Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Crystal Lowe.

Agam also made it into the legendary Snakes on a Plane–but she’s not just another beautiful bod filling out the scenery. She got to show off her range after landing on the sci-fi series Sanctuary in 2009, and stole scenes during an episode of Arrow last year. It’s pretty exciting to see Agam land on a prestige show that really fleshes out its characters. We’re anxious to see what happens with her on Bates Motel. For now, though, we’ll get excited over these pics that flesh out Agam’s other talents…

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