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Tara Holt on “Californication” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Tara Holt on Californication

(9:30 PM EST, Showtime)

Your overworked See Her Tonight column always has too much to choose from on a Sunday–with guys pondering if Neve Campbell will show up again on Mad Men, or if they should concentrate on the hot babes of Game of Thrones. Meanwhile, the Showtime network has launched a final season of Californication, and David Duchovny’s sex-addict saga is going out big with a turn by Tara Holt.

This genuine California gal is showing up on Californication as a new assistant on the dumb cop show that Duchovny’s beleagured novelist is now reducing to writing. Tara Holt, however, has been spending a few years as a trademark of quality. We first noticed this blonde’s bod when she showed up as a sorority gal on Greek back in 2008, and then noticed Tara’s talents on a 2009 episode of the underseen Dollhouse. It wasn’t a big surprise when Tara turned up as one of the several lovely ladies of How I Met Your Mother. We’re also not surprised that Tara has been staying busy ever since with plenty of great roles on really good shows.

Those include episodes of American Horror Story, Ray Donovan, and Betas. We also caught Kate on last week’s episode of Friends With Better Lives, which paired her with Brooklyn Decker in a half-hour of hotness. Now we’re hoping that Californication will be a smart enough show to make good use of Tara as more than just another gorgeous gal–although these pics will prove that she has that role down right…

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