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Read This interview With The Woman Who Invented Pot Brownies For 4/20


Brownie Mary, whose real first name we s**t you not is Mary Jane, came up with the first major cookbook for all things made with weed. Want a nice pasta sauce that makes Jimi Hendrix sound better? Consult her cookbook.

She was also pretty badass, as you can see from this interview from 1992. Here’s an excerpt, or you can read the full interview here.

How did you get arrested?

“I was at a friend’s house in the suburbs baking brownies. I can’t do it in San Francisco because I live in senior housing and if I got caught with any kind of illegal substance I can be evicted in three days.

They thought I was just making marijuana brownies for the hell of it. They did not know that I was making marijuana brownies for AIDS patients-I was not selling them-I was giving them away. I’m facing five years in prison but if that’s what it takes marijuana goddess chose me to take this bust to get the word out-fine, so be it.”

COED Writer