Woman Who Won The Week: Rebecca Hall [PHOTOS]

Rebecca Hall’s new movie Transcendence premiered yesterday to glowing reviews which makes her The Woman Who Won The Week.

In Transcendence, Hall plays Evelyn Caster, scientist and wife of Will Caster (Johnny Depp). Evelyn is madly in love with Will and goes along with his plan to upload his consciousness to the internet. Her love is so great that she still manages to stand by her husband/internet-god even after he starts turning humans into slaves/battery power for himself.

This is a big role for Hall, but she is no stranger to the big screen. She first received global attention after starring in Woody Allen’s 2008 movie Vicky Christina Barcelona. Hall also appeared in major films such as Frost/Nixon, The Town and The Awakening. Most recently, she replaced Jessica Chastain as Maya Hansen in Iron Man 3. Given the early success of Transcendence, we should be seeing more of Hall in the future.

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