Teenager Busted For Partying Brings Own Mic To Interview [VIDEO]

19-year-old Nat Gray was caught throwing a massive party in the woods outside of Salem, Oregon, but he seems pretty chill about it.

Gray was promoting the party via Twitter as #ProjectNat. The name was based on the high school party movie Project X. The only problem is that the cops found out about the hashtag on Twitter and wanted to stop the kids from partying. They even tweeted at Gray and his followers to not show up or they could be arrested.

Still, Gray and his friends showed up to their secret party location deep in the woods and found the cops waiting for them. The cops confiscated all their beer and arrested Nat for distributing alcohol to minors but let the other kids go. Although his party didn’t go as planned, the publicized arrest and toy microphone gag are probably making Nat more popular than any party would have.

via vocative.com

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