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Miranda Kerr: Sexy Bunny For Easter, 4/20 & Her Birthday [PICS + VIDEO]


This is set to be the best Easter ever, as the big day falls on the beloved stoner holiday of 4/20–which also happens to be Miranda Kerr’s birthday. And that collides into a big sexy spectacle courtesy of the artsy types at the LOVE magazine site. They may be a bunch of design fiends, but the Love crew is also into classic curves and retro sexiness.

They proved that a few Easters ago with Kate Upton dolled up as a femme version of Peter Cottontail. Now we have Love saluting a different kind of Bunny, with Miranda Kerr sporting a tail and tight outfit for her own big day. We’ll be hopping on top of any future video and pics to come, but there’s plenty to enjoy right now.

Unless you’re Orlando Bloom, in which case you might be having the loneliest Easter ever. Maybe he’ll want to check out our special tribute to Miranda Kerr below, where we salute her 4/20 birthday with 420 pics…

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